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Palmitos Park

I would very much recommend a trip here. It is not the cheapest but you will save money if you book ahead and look for deals online. It was one of my favorite highlights of the whole year, a really spectacular place filled with exotic animals, not only native to the Canaries but also many animals from Africa that you may not have expected to find.

The main shows on offer are the Dolphins, Wild Eagles/Birds and Parrot show. You approach the wild bird show right at the top of the park where they are set out to fly around the valley and return to the handlers for meat. From the top of the park you have great views of the surrounding valleys and watching the birds swoop into the handler after gliding around the valley a little while is spectacular.

The dolphin show was really epic. It was my first and only dolphin experience and it did not dissapoint, the tricks they were doing were insane, even throwing the instructors up in the air through hoops and well, just really very entertaining.

The parrot show is not to be missed with a very entertaining guy playing with a selection of about 8 trained parrots that will talk, ride bikes, sit in deckchairs with sunglasses on and do Jigsaws.

Towards the exit you find a load of aquariums. You can probably do a lap and see the shows in about 2hrs and so going around again is definitely worth it. You can find so many weird and wonderful creatures in every corner and likely didn’t see it all, or even realise were there on the first lap.

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Palmitos Park

Palmitos Park

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Palmitos Park
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