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Maspalomas dunes panoramicMaspalomas dunes panoramic


map of Maspalomas – click to enlarge

Maspalomas consists of all of the area around the sand dunes in the South of Gran Canaria, including all areas such as Playa del Ingles, Meloneras, San Fernando, Sonnenland, El Tablero, San Augustin and Pasito Blanco.

Some people get confused and think its a town or place but it refers to the general area in the South of the island. The highlight being the the miles gran-canaria-sand-dunesof beach (Playa en Espanol) and dunes.


View Google Streetmap 360degree View of the Maspolomas Sand Dunes

The area of the Maspolomas sand dunes is a natural reserve. This includes a lake just behind the dunes to the left toward Meloneras home to many types of birds.

Maspalomas LakeMaspalomas Lake

Maspalomas beach can be thought of as the main stretch on the right hand side of the dunes (left side if looking at the map) next to Meloneras. You can also take the walk right across the dunes over to Playa del Ingles, a really nice thing to try along the coastline, especially in the evening time at sundown.

Maspalomas BeachMaspalomas Beach


I have broken down this guide into many places that are all included in Mapalomas, in fact at the moment the site could be called Maspalomas holiday guide because mostly all the places I’ve covered are included. This is the heart of the area and staying here or in nearby Meloneras could well be the ideal choice for your 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th visit to the Island.

Behind the lake is a Camel riding center where you can find the spectacular site of about 20 huge camels which you can ride. They have a have a double seat so that 2 adults can ride, one on each side.

Camel ride in Maspalomas

Camel ride in Maspalomas

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Maspalomas Gran Canaria
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