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A Warm Welcome to Gran Canaria

The South is the main tourist area featuring the Maspalomas sand dunes, amazing lengths of sand and sea and great all year round weather.

Places to Visit in Gran Canaria

View Google Streetmap 360degree View of the Maspalomas Sand Dunes.

gran canaria maspolomas beach

Gran Canaria Maspalomas Beach

a map of gran canaria

Map of Gran Canaria

The greatest thing about Gran Canaria is that it is always Sunny. You could get unlucky and have a few days cloud, but really, it is practically ALWAYS sunny here.



Gran Canaria in the South is very multicultural because the climate and beaches attract people from many different countries including Dutch, English, African, Indian, Italian, French, German, Estonian, Scandinavian (Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden), the majority of people here being Canarian Spanish residents.



Scandinavian Countries include Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Winter in Gran Canaria in the South is known by the locals as “Scandinavian Season” people come to escape the cold climate of their homeland. It’s still as multicultural as ever. Personally I think Winter is the best time to go to the Canaries because it can get seriously hot in the Summer. There is a type of weather that can come now and again called Calima where sand in the air creates a muggy atmosphere and makes it feel even hotter. It’s not that pleasant but only lasts a day or two.

The climate is vastly better here than the rest of Europe In the Winter, for example in Dec/Jan you might need to wear a jumper in the night time but normally some cloud or wind will be the worst type of weather to expect.

The Maspalomas sand dunes are a huge attraction. This could well be like a beach you have never seen before.

Maspalomas Sand Dunes

Maspalomas Sand Dunes

The capital city is in the North – Las Palmas, not to be confused with La Palma which is one of the other Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands

Las Palmas De Gran Canaria

Las Palmas De Gran Canaria

In Las Palmas  there are many great things to see and do, you find yourself immersed in a busy Spanish capital that is spread out along the coastline. Getting to know the bus services is pretty essential to get around because there can be big gaps between areas of interest, doing your research on the buses would pay off, each journey is about 1.50. Perfect waves for surfing attract interest from around the world and host International competitions.
Las Canteras beach in the capital city typically features a view of the sea full of surfers.

The weather is the North of the Island is typically a lot more cloudy than the South. Visiting or staying in the North you would also find it to be much more Spanish orientated rather than touristic as in the South.

Maspolomas Panoramic

Maspalomas Beach Panoramic

Places to Visit in Gran Canaria



A warm welcome to Gran Canaria
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A warm welcome to Gran Canaria
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